Timeline and Planning

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A Contemporary Nietzsche Reader - Planning and Roadmap

I will proceed chronologically, one book after the previous, and for now I will skip "Thus spoke Zarathustra", although still a literary masterpiece, I'm not so sure whether it fits on this site, and I will skip the so much debated and contested "The Will To Power" for now as well, or just do fragments that I already have available from Nietzsche's Features.

Since converting this from html pages - if not worse, some of it comes from raw scans! - to mysql/html snippets is an incredibly tedious task and a lot of work, I don't think it would be realistic to make any predictions as to when it will/might be accomplished.

Patience will go a long way.

I plan to add 10 Aphorisms per day, every work day. Due to the tediousness of the entire process I will probably take some time out every now and then.

I don't expect it to be finished anytime before early 2012. 

In the next year I will probably revise all footnotes and eventually link to wikipedia for several names that are being mentioned in the texts. The footnotes as they are now are still stuck in the "Book" paradigm of course. 

Again, a very labour intensive task.

In the mean time I will also refine the search, and probably try and find some other ways to navigate this site differently, using search or link lists. If you want Aphorism 165 from "Human, all too human", there is no easy way to get there (yet!). 

Plenty of ideas, but not that much time, I do have a life too... so, we'll just have to wait and see.

For now there 's already more than plenty to stimulate your brain, so enjoy it! And use it wisely!