Sign in using the OpenID provider of your choice

Please Note: If you prefer the old fashioned login system, with a username and yet another password you will have to remember, or maybe if you don't trust the openID login, go here. We recommend the openID system because it's so much easier and faster, and nothing to remember for you either.

After you register and login, remember that the next time you can just login here again using this same account. The system should even recognize you on your next visit and offer you to login again using the same provider again. It'll be as easy as a couple of clicks, no passwords to remember etc etc.

Don't use the username/password boxes on our site for this OpenID login, that won't work. Just click the link "Login using OpenID" or the animated button.

You will get one email after you finished registration with more information. Don't worry we won't spam you. This is the only email you'll get from us. And in case you'd like to know what information we will actually store, that is: your username, email address and the identifier, the latter modified and encrypted. We don't store any other information. Simply because we have no use for it. During this registration/login procedure your password is never transmitted to any of the parties involved. Your account can therefore never be compromised using this highly secured system.
You will be redirected a couple of times during this procedure, that's just how this system works, it's not a "fishing" operation ;).

For those curious about how this works: You will login at for example google, on their site, on their domain, they will let us know that you did log in correctly and therefore that you are the owner of that google account. A so called openID identifier is transmitted to us, telling us that you are who you claim to be. Some more information is being transmitted, you can see all that on the login page, but your password is never ever transmitted. That's why this system is so secure. The same for yahoo, facebook, twitter etc. They all just confirm to us that you are who you claim to be and all that without ever transmitting your password to us or anybody else. You will log in, use your password, only on their site and domain (in the popup, the iframe or the redirect page). Since your password is never stored here, it can never be compromised here either.

As mentioned before, we don't store any of the information that openID is sending us, only a username, the email address (both of which you can still change if you want) and we generate and store an encrypted password. All the other info is of no use or even interest to us, so... why bother.

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