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Beyond Good and Evil »

Beyond Good and Evil

Prelude to a Future Philosophy


Friedrich Nietzsche

Translated by Ian Johnston

Translation copyright Ian Johnston of Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, BC

This web edition edited and published by Holtof Donné, based on the edition published by eBooks@Adelaide .

Rendered into HTML by Steve Thomas.

Edited and HTML fixes by Holtof Donné. (replaced non HTML windows characters, replaced emdash and em, fixed text flow and some other minor issues)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence
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Table of Contents

  1. On the Prejudices of Philosophers
  2. The Free Spirit
  3. The Religious Nature
  4. Aphorisms and Interludes
  5. A Natural History of Morals
  6. We Scholars
  7. Our Virtues
  8. Peoples and Fatherlands
  9. What is Noble?
  10. Aftersong

This translation retains Nietzsche’s short quotations and phrases in languages other than German and includes,immediately after such phrases, an English translation in the text, placed in italics within square brackets (e.g.[English translation] ). If the quotation is more than a few words long, the English version is included in thetext, and Nietzsche’s original quotation appears in a note at the end of the translation. 

Sometimes, when there may be some ambiguity about the meaning of a word or phrase in the original, this text alsoincludes in square brackets a term from Nietzsche’s German text.

The footnotes, which provide information about people or quotations mentioned in the text, have been provided by the translator.

Beyond Good and Evil , one of the most important works of Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), was first published in 1886.

Our sincere thanks to Ian Johnston and Steve Thomas.

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Timeline and Planning »

A Contemporary Nietzsche Reader - Planning and Roadmap

I will proceed chronologically, one book after the previous, and for now I will skip "Thus spoke Zarathustra", although still a literary masterpiece, I'm not so sure whether it fits on this site, and I will skip the so much debated and contested "The Will To Power" for now as well, or just do fragments that I already have available from Nietzsche's Features.

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The Dawn »

The Dawn (Thoughts on the prejudices of morality.)

Original Title: Morgenröte. (Gedanken über die moralischen Vorurteile)

First German Publication 1881 [@Wikipedia]


Friedrich Nietzsche

Compiled from translations by Walter Kaufmann, R. J. Hollingdale, J. M. Kennedy

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Human, All-Too-Human »

Human, All-Too-Human (A Book For Free Spirits)

Original Title: Menschliches, Allzumenschliches (Ein Buch für freie Geister)

First German Publication, 1878 -2nd Expanded edition 1880 [@wikipedia]


Friedrich Nietzsche

Translated by Helen Zimmern

(Translation first published 1909-1913)

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The Joyful Wisdom »

The Joyful Wisdom (a.k.a. The Gay Science)

Original Title:  Die fröhliche Wissenschaft ("La Gaya Scienza") 

First German Publication 1882, 2nd Edition 1887. [@Wikipedia]


Friedrich Nietzsche

Translated by Thomas Common

(Translation first published 1910)

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