Owing to three Errors. Science has been furthered during recent centuries, partly because it was hoped that God's goodness and wisdom would be best understood therewith and thereby - the principal motive in the soul of great Englishmen (like Newton); partly because the absolute utility of knowledge was believed in, and especially the most intimate connection of morality, knowledge, and happiness - the principal motive in the soul of great Frenchmen (like Voltaire); and partly because it was thought that in science there was something unselfish, harmless, self-sufficing, lovable, and truly innocent to be had, in which the evil human impulses did not at all participate - the principal motive in the soul of Spinoza, who felt himself divine, as a knowing being: - it is consequently owing to three errors that science has been furthered.

Friedrich Nietzsche - The Gay Science
Book I - Aphorism # 37

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