How one has to Distinguish first of all in Works of Art. Everything that is thought, versified, painted and composed, yea, even built and moulded, belongs either to monologic art, or to art before witnesses. Under the latter there is also to be included the apparently monologic art which involves the belief in God, the whole lyric of prayer; because for a pious man there is no solitude, - we, the godless, have been the first to devise this invention. I know of no profounder distinction in all the perspective of the artist than this: Whether he looks at his growing work of art (at "himself") with the eye of the witness; or whether he "has forgotten the world," as is the essential thing in all monologic art, - it rests on forgetting, it is the music of forgetting.

Friedrich Nietzsche - The Gay Science
Book V - Aphorism # 367

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