Don't excuse it! Don't forgive!
You happy, heart?free people, give
This unreasonable book1 of mine
Ear and heart and sheltering!
Truly, friends, my own unreason
Did not grow to earn a curse!

What I find, what I am seeking
Was that ever in a book?
Honor one from the fools' legion!
Learn from out of this fool's book
How reason can be brought?"to reason"!

So then, friends, what do you say?
Amen! Until we meet again.

1. The book referred to was not Human, All Too Human,
but rather a planned collection of songs and sayings
to be called The Book of Folly (Das Narrenbuch)
Friedrich Nietzsche - Human, All Too Human
Among Friends: An Epilogue - Aphorism # 2

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