Thus I invented, when I needed them, the "free spirits"5 too, to whom this heavy hearted- stouthearted6 book with the title "Human, All Too Human" is dedicated. There are no such "freespirits," were none--but, as I said, I needed their company at the time, to be of good cheer in the midst of bad things (illness, isolation, foreignness, sloth, inactivity); as brave fellows and specters to chat and laugh with, when one feels like chatting and laughing, and whom one sends to hell when they get boring--as reparation for lacking friends. That there could someday be such free spirits, that our Europe will have such lively, daring fellows among its sons of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, real and palpable and not merely, as in my case, phantoms and a hermit's shadow play: I am the lastperson to want to doubt that. I already see them coming, slowly, slowly; and perhaps I am doing something to hasten their coming when I describe before the fact the fateful conditions that I see giving rise to them, the paths on which I see them coming?

5. die "freien Geister"
6. schwerm├╝tig-mutig

Friedrich Nietzsche - Human, All Too Human
Preface - Aphorism # 2

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