Towards the re-education of the human race.  Men of application and goodwill assist in this one work: to take the concept of punishment which has overrun the whole world and root it out! There exists no more noxious weed! Not only has it been implanted into the consequences of our actions  and how dreadful and repugnant to reason even this is, to conceive cause and effect as cause and punishment!  but they have gone further and, through this infamous mode of interpretation with the aid of the concept of punishment, robbed of its innocence the whole purely chance character of events. Indeed, they have gone so far in their madness as to demand that we feel our very existence to be a punishment  it is as though the education of the human race had hitherto been directed by the fantasies of jailers and hangmen!

Friedrich Nietzsche - Daybreak
Book I - Aphorism # 13

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