Assuming that one wants to praise at all, there's a refined and at the same time noble self-control which always gives praise only where one does not agree: - in other cases one would really be praising oneself, something that contradicts good taste - naturally, a self-control which provides a good opportunity and provocation for one to be constantly misunderstood. In order to permit oneself this true luxury of taste and morality, one must not live among spiritual fools, but rather among people whose misunderstandings and false ideas are still amusing for their sophistication - or one will have to pay dearly for it! - "He is praising me: thus, he admits I'm right" - this asinine way of making conclusions ruins half of life for us hermits, for it brings the asses into our neighbourhood and friendship.

Friedrich Nietzsche - Beyond Good and Evil
Part IX - Aphorism # 283

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