We fundamentally misunderstand predatory animals and predatory men (for example, Cesare Borgia), and we misunderstand "Nature," so long as we still look for a "pathology" at the bottom of these healthiest of all tropical monsters and growths or even for some "Hell" born in them - as almost all moralists so far have done.6 It seems that among moralists there is a hatred for the primaeval forest and the tropics? And that the "tropical man" must at any price be discredited, whether as a sickness and degeneration of human beings or as his own hell and self-torture? But why? For the benefit of the "moderate zones"? For the benefit of the moderate human beings? For the "moral human beings"? For the mediocre? This for the chapter "morality as timidity."

6. . . . Cesare Borgia (1475-1507), Italian statesman and general well known for his ruthlessness and duplicity.
Friedrich Nietzsche - Beyond Good and Evil
Part V - Aphorism # 197

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