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Please Note:: this page has recently (14/02/2011) been reworked... with more than 90% of the old links dead.. it was about time...

It does confirm that the original idea behind this website was correct. From now on we will, again, collect anything Nietzsche related and in English that we can find online and that we consider worthwhile, right here on this site, in order to preserve it. Since there are no ads here, nor any paypal donation buttons, and thus this is clearly a non-profit initiative, I don't see what objections anybody could have, except for their temporarily disturbed and upset ego. "And if it needs to be Copyrights - for html versions at least - will have to step aside for the Greater Good, Your Honour. I rest my case."

This page will probably be messy for a while, first I'm googling to find new/moved resources, only then can I organize them somewhat. Thanks for your patience.

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(Added 27/04/2011)

  • blog dedicated to Nietzsche in Italian. My Italian is insufficient to rate it, so I'll leave that up to you. It looks good and well organised.

(Added 27/01/2011)


The Graveyard

† means dead at the moment of checking (26/01/2011)

What I find most astonishing is all these universities deleting so much valuable stuff!!!

Original list was compiled by Matthew David MacPherson for Nietzsche Center

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Note to self: etext links (no Nietzsche though)

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